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We have committed to comply with State of Maine's

Restaurant Re-opening 

To see helpful resources 

that we have used in our team members' training (in addition to other industry specific knowledge that we already had), as well as coronavirus prevention related infographics, 

click below:


Thank you for your interest in dining with us! 

We do not take reservations. All dining is on first come - first served basis.

We encourage you to stop by ahead of your desired dining time, as we often have a waitlist starting around 6:30pm. 

We apologize if we are unable to take a phone call during our busy hours. 

Thank you for understanding!


For large party inquires or other specific requests, please e-mail us and we will get back to you to discuss details.                            


We have some very exciting news to share - Project Social is living up to the first part of its name... again - WE ARE MOVING! Our new location will be 278 Main Street - the former Tea House building across from Bar Harbor Grand Hotel. We have started the moving process and hope to re-open in late Spring 2021. We have so many ideas about this beautiful house and the large garden that surrounds it - we can’t wait to show you how much Social will grow into it over the months and years to come! As excited as we are, this is also bittersweet for us. We are so happy with what we’ve created over the past five years - the initial location at the old building; the move into Acadia Hotel; the deck with the yellow umbrellas; the garden; the tiny space filled with so much joy, laughter, creativity, friendships, good food and awesome cocktails...that Social will always be a part of us and we will be forever grateful for the opportunity we were given. But it’s time to grow. During the move we will make sure to pack all of the things that make Social what it is, but the most important things are in our hearts, and in yours, so all will be good!Cody and Lina 

BARTENDERS and SERVERS - Experience, positive attitude and ability to work in a team are a must. Knowledge and passion for good food and craft cocktails are preferred.